Red in the Face EP!

by Halloween Forever

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Unfortunately, these recordings are no longer representative of what I sound like live, or the tunes I write now. Still fun, though.

Special thanks to my friends at The Taco Stand for letting me record in their basement and use their floor tom and microphone. This EP is the result of much support and feedback from friends and family. I love you all. <3


released March 24, 2016

Bryce on vocals and all recorded instruments. Thanks to Hannah and Melissa for letting me use recordings of their voices at the end of 'Pocky' that we found on Hannah's laptop.

Cover art by Hannah White!



all rights reserved


Halloween Forever Carbondale, Illinois

my name is bryce, and i live in the midwest. if you're reading this, you're the coolest.

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Track Name: Floral Casket
drag my corpse down to the river
where the water's ever clearer
let my body float along the ridge
under the traffic on the bridge
that keeps moving, backing up
everybody's in a rush
sit back, rewind, let's take some time
the woods present a place to die

bury me in a floral casket
Track Name: Hometown Heroes, Hometown Zeroes!
i can't wait to hear what you say at my funeral
i'm sure you'll pretend like you knew me
like you knew it all

all your predictions
they were false
are you surprised
i don't hate it all

did you want me to be happy
or were you just
waiting for me to fall

you don't know better than me
you don't fucking know
better than me

sit down and hear what i have to say
i know you won't listen
but the absence of your voice
will be nice for a change
Track Name: I Need to Change My Strings
i'll stray from the stepping stones put in place for me
i was told to stay on land
but i'll swim out to the sea
the beaten path is narrow
and it makes my bones feel weak
i'll wander through the woods to find
a place where i can flee
but any place i choose to go
i know that i am free

i'm sorry for leaving you in my wake

the beaten path is narrow
and it makes my bones feel weak
i'll run away from home to find
a place where i can flee
but any place i choose to go
i know that i am free
Track Name: Vertebrae
just wait until i grow a backbone
get a grip, grow thicker skin
you could snap all my bones
and i wouldn't say a thing

if i ignore it
it will go away
why must i keep lying to myself
i've got pushover written all over my back

get a grip
grow thicker skin
Track Name: Pocky
my dearest
i am sorry
your feet were made of lead
i dug myself a hole
and pushed you in instead

but let's not pretend
that you didn't turn it right around
when you filled the well with water
and forced us both to drown

i loved every second
filling our lungs with liquid
filling our lungs with liquid
filling my lungs with liquid